We believe that people make the difference and that each person is unique for his or her qualities. We believe that people develop companies and build businesses. We believe that people lead changes, assume challenges, generate new leaders and form teams that ensure the future of organizations.


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Humanbrand is a Human Resources consulting firm established in March 2014.

Founded and run by Carolina Buira and Pablo Sartán, Humanbrand combines experience of individuals who share the same passion for human resources. Our background and knowledge allows us to respond according to the different markets and cultures of our clients, and our entrepreneurial spirit leads to tailored, innovative and creative alternatives for each organization, that maximize the potential of our clients' people.
Carolina Buira

Ana Carolina Buira - Partner

Certified Public Accountant graduated from the Catholic University in Córdoba, Argentina, and holds a postgraduate degree in Strategic Human Resources Management from IDEA (Institute for Business Development in Argentina).

She began her career in the administrative financial area in small and medium sized companies. In 1997 she joined Compañía Industrial Cervecera (CCU Group) as Assistant General Accountant and in 1999 she started her human resources career.

In 2000 she joined L'Oréal in human resources in compensation, rewards and finance, and from 2004 she helped lead a cultural change process through developing a managerial learning experience in critical human capital management areas including Recruitment, Learning for Development and Career Development.

In 2006 she was part of the human resources team of the Latin America Region at the headquarters of L'Oréal in Paris. In 2007 she was appointed Human Resources Manager for L'Oréal Argentina.

She led acquisition processes, union negotiations and the start-up of HR practices. She managed the cultural transformation of leaders and implemented the HR strategic model L'Oréal & Me.
Pablo Sartan

Pablo G. Sartan - Partner

He graduated from the University of the Merchant Navy, Argentina, with a degree in Human Resources. He recently participated in the Human Resources Strategic Program at the University of Michigan, USA.

He began his career in Human Resources in 1990 forming part of the managerial development program at Disco, a leading supermarket chain in Argentina.

Between 1994 and 2000 he worked in Wal-Mart Argentina as part of the founding team, and after training in the USA and collaborating in the set-up of Wal-Mart Brazil, he was promoted as the first Director of Sam's Club Argentina, (Wholesale division of WM). Then and for 4 years he formed part of the HR team leading the Training and Development Area, coordinating labor relations and community support.

In 2000, he joined the Exxel Group as HR Manager for Freddo Ice-Cream Parlors. In 2001, he assumed the role of HR Manager at Farmacity, a pharmacy retail chain in Argentina, with the goal to lead a human resource function that would support the rapid growth of the business. During his tenure, Farmacity grew from 12 pharmacies and 250 employees to 200 pharmacies and about 5,000 employees.
Carolina Buira and Pablo Sartán, the partners of Humanbrand, are professionals with more than 20 years of experience in organizations of diverse industries, distribution channels and markets, in which they have planned and executed different human resources strategies fit to each business model.

This knowledge allows them to understand in a dynamic manner, the times, pressures, the culture and the diversity of their client organizations.

The partners and their associates form a multidisciplinary team that have developed a keen perception, based on experience, to identify the right person for the given position, and to help the organization execute its strategy and Human Capital projects.

Humanbrand Executive

Recruitment of Senior Executives

We specialize in generating value to our clients through the identification, recruitment, selection and development of executives from different industries and markets, at a local, regional and global level.

At HumanBrand we offer and ensure the highest standards in recruiting, hiring and managing of the overall search and selection process. Our experience allows us to make a clear diagnosis of the organization and position needs, to map and conduct a deep screening of the market, and to evaluate the best candidates based on the expected profile with capacity to integrate into the new culture of the organization and with the leadership to align and build teams to ensure the future.

Humanbrand Recruiting

Recruiting Middle Management, Professionals and Analysts.

We are focused on the recruitment of highly prepared professionals who can assume the challenges expected by our clients and will generate a differential contribution in our client's organization. Highly trained people with high ethical standards and understanding of the new trends in organizations with potential to contribute to the future. Our strength is based on establishing a real and deep bond among the clients, our consulting firm and the candidates, allowing us to maximize the results.

We select professionals who meet the skills required to lead workteams today and into the future, responding to our clients´ expectations and to the demands and challenges of management and businesses required in the current world.

Humanbrand Consulting

Organizational Management, Talent Management, Executive Coaching, Career Transition and Young Professionals Programs

We develop tailor-made solutions for each organization.

We collaborate in the processes of change, providing support to the people, facilitating their adaptation to the new reality.

We develop and implement programs related to performance management and organizational development. We assess the personal qualities and improvement opportunities and we design career and succession plans.

We accompany the executives in the different moments of their career, ensuring a realistic and creative approach according to the business strategy and the motivation of the individual.

We design programs specifically geared to attract, develop and retain the highest potential, young professionals that match both this generation's expectations and the realities of our client's business. The programs also enhance the reputation and brand of our client organizations in the market.

Humanbrand Recruiting

Our International Team provides Executive and Middle Management Recruiting along with HR Consultory globally

In a global context that no longer has borders, we have a team of professionals with extensive international experience. At Humanbrand, we detect the adequate talent for each organization by offering different service models. We customize our Organizational, Consulting and Recruitment models based on the needs of our customers, taking into account each country's specificity and workforce reality. Global Headhunting: We add value to our clients through the identification of the best professionals, both in Senior and Middle Management. Short, Medium and Long Term Projects (RPO): We offer services that vary depending on scope and complexity, considering the strategic needs of Human Capital. Organizational Consulting: We provide support to our customers who embark in organizational change through the design and implementation of Training Plans, Career Development, Performance Management, Change Management and Coaching.
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    17/10/2014Humanbrand, consultora de Recursos Humanos, presenta una nueva iniciativa de Responsabilidad Social Empresaria (RSE) en un evento realizado en sus nuevas oficinas. Un programa que dada su si

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     Domingo 20 de julio de 2014 | Publicado en edición impresaCon estos jefes, todos pueden convertirse en los héroes de su trabajoPor Alejandro Masco  | Para LA N


    Por Pablo Sartán

    En los últimos años la experiencia del candidato en los procesos de entrevistas, ha tomado una significación muy importante que impacta de una manera única en la imagen que la organización deja en él,

  • La conectividad y la globalización

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    Por Pablo Sartán

    En la actualidad se presentan tres comportamientos que conviven en las distintas industrias. Por un lado el sector de petróleo, energía y tecnología continúa con alta demanda, especialmente de ingenie


    Por Carolina Buira

    Las redes sociales, producto de esta revolución digital en la que todos estamos inmersos son parte de este cambio que interviene en diversos aspectos de la vida, de manera individual y en las organiza


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